Monday, March 31, 2008

Caiman, day two

Today didn't go as well as yesterday. Poor Caiman spent the day at the vet's, and by the time I picked him up we were both tired.

Taken in the van on the trip home. And no, we weren't moving. Exposed for his head which left the windows completely whited out. This would be a better shot if I had cleared the clutter off the seat behind him.

These next two are the same shot but one was taken with the flash and one with the available light. The colours are better with the flash. I tend to avoid it though, as I'm often close enough to the object that the flash overexposes it.

Next we have a prop. The kong changes size relative to him, depending on how I positioned myself. In the first photo the emphasis is on the dog, in the second it is on the toy.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Photo challenge, day one

Robin Sallie issued a challenge to spend five days photographing a single subject. I have chosen Caiman, although I may have to switch subjects midstream as he is going in to be neutered tomorrow. At least I have other brown dogs to substitute if necessary.

I took *mumble*mumble* photos this morning. Here are five that have had no processing at all:

I particularly like how the light hits the edge of his ear in the leg close-up.

In the last (actually the first one taken) I was trying out my camera's B&W setting. The angle in that photo elongates his legs. I took some sepia too, and one that pulled out just some browns in the photo but made the rest B&W, but they weren't worth saving. Fun though!

This one needed rotating - does that count as processing? Another B&W. Handsome boy! Goofy boy? Either, both, whatever...
Looking regal

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kona photos

Kona in his usual pose
Originally uploaded by OSD
I took a bunch of photos today that I think turned out well. Most have nothing to do with the beasts, but these three of Kona are good enough to share.

I've been messing around with Flickr recently and today was my test post with blogging a photo from there.

This second photo doesn't show up well in the size you see here, but I'm really thrilled with the texture of his fur a larger version. You can see what I mean if you click on the photo.