Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

First day with the new flash

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I treated myself to a new flash today. I got a Canon 430EX, which might be overkill for the camera I have now but will hopefully be useful for the next one(s) as well.

This was a quick test run. Straight out of the camera - no processing at all. I bounced the light off of the ceiling. The ambient light was too dim to read by but it wasn't completely dark.

I'm pretty happy!

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Caiman and I got to play at agility this morning - the first time in years. We had fun, and he did very well. When he was offlead he stayed with me and didn't get distracted by the other dogs and people. Rivet came along more or less for the ride, although I did get her out of the vehicle briefly.

A new drop-in just-for-fun agility group has started up right near where I live. I'm used to driving across the city to train my dogs, and this group meets less than 10 minutes from my house. Heaven!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It was a good weekend

This weekend all three of the beasts made me happy. I celebrated by buying a new leather leash and taking some photos of them.

My little Rivet got her second point on Saturday. Isn't she pretty?

Caiman hung out nicely in an xpen on Sunday afternoon. That might not seem too impressive to you if you didn't know Caiman when he was younger, but I was apprehensive about putting him in it at all, let alone walking away and leaving him there unsupervised. Turned out fine - he's a good dog!

Kona was absolutely the bestest of my beasties. He was in a rally-o sanction match on Friday. I had no expectations of anything, as he's been worked maybe once in the last year and had never been to this show site before. Kona does not handle strangeness well, and I find that either he is working his tail off or he has no focus at all.

He was a trouper. I made an error, had him sit on a finish where he shouldn't have sat (a little APTD/CKC sign confusion), and cost us 10 points. I thought I failed us, so that was good news. Kona's score - including my 10 point deduction - was 88. That's 88 out of 100. If I had done the right thing he would have gotten 98 and possibly a second place.

Unfortunately I couldn't take a decent photo of him to save my life yesterday. I got this... (nice tongue)

And this... (elegant, no?)

And this...

In the end this was about the best of the bunch. His eyes are open, really, but the sun was bright and he's squinting. Honest.