Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb 19 2007

Stand stays today with both dogs - measured out their breakfasts but ran out of patience before I ran out of kibble.

1 handful - 1 sec pause
1 handful - 2 sec pause
1 handful - 3 sec pause
1 handful 3 sec pause
1 handful 4 sec pause
1 handful 5 sec pause - sat 3x
1 handful split in thirds - 4 sec, 5 sec and 6 sec pauses. Moved 1x
1 handful yo-yoing between 4, 5, and 6 seconds. Moved 2x

2 handfuls 1 sec pause. Sat or tried other things at least 7 or 8 times. Watited for stand and rewarded that each time.
Modified Sue Eh method:
5x 1 sec 5x 2 sec 5x 3 sec 5x moved
3x 1 sec 3x moved
3x 1 sec 3x 2 sec 3x 3 sec 3x moved
3x 1 sec 3x 2 sec 3x 3 sec 3x 4 sec 5x 4 sec 5x (end)
3x 1 sec 3x sat
3x 1 sec, repeated for handful
3x 1 sec, 3x 2 sec, 3x moved

I am thinking that Kona needs a more random reinforcement schedule. I leant my Morgan Spector book to Heather or I could use his tables, but I think I can probably wing it.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Feb 17 2007

Both boys have been to rally class this week. Two sessions today. First was short and distracted, so I quit until I had more patience.

Second session, in basement, using kibble. Need to work on Stand Stay with both dogs so tackling that. Tried 300Peck method first - noted time in seconds until dog moved.



So, that isn't working. Perhaps we aren't ready for this yet and should get the basic understanding before moving on to this. Tried again using Sue Eh?'s method of rapid firing treats and then pausing for a second before repeating.

5x, 1 sec, 5x, 2 sec, ... got up to 5 second pause and ran out of treats.
Repeat exactly, ran out after 5 sec
Repeated using 3x. Got to 7 second pause, repeated 6 sec, then he moved.

5x, 1 sec, 5x, 2 sec, 5x, 3 sec, 5x, he moved.
Repeat, got to 4 second pause and I dropped kibble so he moved.
Repeat, using 3x, failed at 3 sec.
Repeat, using 3x. Yo-yoed around between 2 & 3 seconds for a bit, then got to 4 seconds once, back to 3 seconds and quit. There's hope!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feb 8 2007

10x Lure stand beside wall. 4x difficulties, next 6x textbook
10x No lure. Laid down 2x
10x Same. Had to lure 3rd time but rest good.

10x Lure stand beside wall. Perfect kickbacks from my dog that walks into a stand!
10x No lure. He is creeping forward ever-so-slightly and I got distracted and tried to fix that.
10x Same. Kids very disruptive so lured first 2x

Feb 6 & 7 2007

On the sixth I had a quick mini-session with each dog. 5-10 cheerios, no planning, no particular results.

On the seventh:

20x Misc rally level one exercises just to see where we are. Need to work on fronts, around finish, and stand.

20x fronts. I was mostly pivoting and he was having to move to new position. If I pivoted left he did okay, if I privot right he wants to go to heel.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feb 3 2007

Cleaned the carpets today, and thought that it might be a good time to video the boys while there was more space open.

Kona's video is here and Caiman's is here on YouTube. I think the sound is off because while my timing is bad I really don't think it is THAT bad.

20x Moving sidestep. This was the first time I've really tried this with him - aside from a couple of Lets See What We Have experiments. He really tries to hold his position much better than Kona ever does, but the bouncy feet help I think.
20x Repeat. M videoed for me.

20x Moving sidesstep. He is doing better just moving sideways than when I try to incorporate the heeling too.
20x Repeat. M videoed for me. Kona's brain fell out of his ear, so we didn't do so well.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Feb 2 2007

20x down at heel position. Just needed something quick I could do with him.

20x moving sidestep. Left hand starting from heel every time. He's getting it - GOOD DOG!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feb 1 2007

The first day of the new month. I have fallen off the training wagon slightly this last week but I'm trying to climb in again. Brief session today on the grounds that anything was better than nothing.

20x LUturns in hallway. 1x good, 5x attempted to sit so no c/t, then the next 19x were good.

20x Moving sidestep. Worked on my hand signal transitioning from heel position to back in a "get back" style movement. Used the verbal "get in", although I doubt he differentiates it from "get back".